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Love Bohemian font

byTyphoon Type™
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Love Bohemian is a captivating English font that exudes the essence of groovy style. Designed to stand out from the crowd, this font possesses an irresistible charm that is perfect for all types of advertising projects.

With its unique and playful appearance, Love Bohemian adds a touch of adorability to any design. Its fluid and curvaceous letterforms create a harmonious flow that effortlessly catches the eye.

Whether it’s a print ad, digital campaign, or any other advertising endeavor, Love Bohemian is the ideal choice to infuse a delightful and captivating vibe that leaves a lasting impression.This font is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

VDO : How to get Alternate Glyphs on Love Bohemian font with Illustrator (PUA encoded)


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