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First Wave Font

byTyphoon Type™
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First Wave is a dynamic English font that embodies the essence of free-spirited creativity. Crafted in a stylish script style, it gives the impression of being hand-drawn with broad, fluid strokes. The font exudes a playful and vibrant energy, creating a sense of movement and liveliness that’s truly one-of-a-kind.

With its contemporary appeal and captivating design, “First Wave” is the perfect choice for a wide range of advertising projects. Whether it’s posters, flyers, or digital campaigns, this font effortlessly infuses a modern touch and a sense of joy, making it ideal for capturing attention and adding a unique flair to your designs.This font is PUA encoded, which means you can access all of the glyphs and swashes with ease!

VDO : How to get Alternate Glyphs with Illustrator (PUA encoded)


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